In a world where monsters have been farmed to extinction for XP, twelve people with unique RPG classes board a train; among these twelve people, the last monster is hiding. Some passengers are oblivious victims, while others boarded this train with a plan already in motion.

Love Exalt 8372 is a mystery visual novel inspired by games like Danganronpa, Your Turn to Die, and the Zero Escape series. The story will be mostly linear, but the most sensitive information will be locked in the heads of the characters; to gain access to their thoughts, you'll have to play minigames and be observant.

By catching thought events as you play, you'll be able to read the minds of the characters and discover clues about why they're here and what they're keeping secret from the other passengers.

If you pay close attention and know what to look for, you'll be able to collect notes and documents that flesh out the world surrounding these characters, moments of their history, and pieces of the bigger picture.

Occasionally the story will break into a branching path that explores the perspectives of different characters. Choose to follow your favorite character and see things from their perspective; if you're suspicious of somebody, keep an eye on them.

This game is in early development.

We've recently released the first major update to the game, so now it includes 3 chapters and 2 interludes, the playtime totalling to about 2-3 hours. There's a demo that includes the first chapter and should be a pretty good representation of what the rest of the game feels like. Replay the game to see different perspectives and to uncover secret lore or thoughts you might have missed.

Hope you enjoy the game! Thanks for playing! :3

The demo

The demo includes the first scene of the first act: Last Call, which is about 30-40 minutes long.

Important note for Firefox users

For the HTML version to run in Firefox you need to turn on the browser.tabs.remote.coep.credentialless option in about:config. This will make the game embed properly into the page, otherwise it will pop out into a separate tab and scale to your screen size, which doesn't look that great.


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